About us

Lumeni is an audio publisher company and was established in 2011. We focus on managerial, professional and spiritual literature.

Our mission is to distribute professional knowledge and provide audiobooks to all who do not have time to read and want to develop themselves.


Build a market in professional audiobooks in the Czech  and Slovak Republic.
Build long-term cooperation and loyalty with our customers through direct sales, our club and conferences with authors.

CEO - Lukas Havelka

Contact: lukas.havelka@lumeni.cz



2006 - 2011  Sales Manager 

·    Responsible for sales and profit plans of hospital business in the Czech Republic

·    Leading and managing  Sales and Projects Teams

·    Leading and managing solution projects (Warehouse Management for hospitals)

·    Setting  a new structure, evaluation, development and functioning of a  sales  team

·    Optimalization processes in hospitals 


1999 – 2006     Field Sales Manager FOOD CZ

·    Responsible for achievement of sales and profit plans in the independent trade in CZ (including national retail chains)

·    Annual turnover  38 mil. EUR

·    Leading and managing four Field Account Executives and 21 subordinates

·    Responsible for plans and budget  4 mil. EUR


CFO - Martina Cuhajova

Contact: martina.cuhajova@lumeni.cz


HARTMANN - RICO                              

2005 - 2011  Sales Manager

·    Effective sales management to reach turnover, profit and motivation of sales people, development and implementation of business concepts

·    Inco Competence Team Leader - Region Middle and East Europe (team deals with know-how transfer between subsidaries)

·    Inco Business Team Member - creating strategy for all subsidiaries 

2000 - 2004 Senior Brand Manager

·    Responsibility for Unit Business Patient Care Czech Republic

·    Representative of the Region East Europe in Inco Business and Development Team 

·    Devolopment and implementation of marketing strategies and activities

·    Responsibility fir securing of reimbursement form health insurance companies


Target Goups

Executive and top management, people who spend a lot of time in their cars

Companies which need to develop their people effectively

Universities, schoools and libraries

Bookshops, e-shops

Benefit programs


Product Focus

Professional and managerial literature, success stories and spiritual literature


Unique Selling Point

Unique focus on professional, managerial and spirutual literature in audiobooks

Unique packaging format – bigger, very visible; looks like a book

Knowledge of end user – literary focus, selling points and sales support


Our Audiobooks

7 habits of highly effective people - Stephen R. Covey
The Speed of Trust - Steven M. R. Covey
Inner Game of Work - W. Timothy Galwey
Inner Game of Stress - W. Timothy Galwey
The Success Principles - Jack Canfield
What Every BODY is Saying - Joe Navarro, Marvin Karvins
Think big: Make It Happen in Business and Life - Donald J. Trump, Bill Zanker
My Life, The Man who saved the brand Aston Martin - Harry Pollak
Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times - S. R. Covey, B. Whitman, B. England
The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle
Chakra Clearing + Meditation CD - Doreen Virtue 















Čtyřhodinový pracovní týden

Čtyřhodinový pracovní týden

Nemarněte celé dny v práci, žijte kdekoli a staňte se
Timothy Ferriss
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500,0 Kč
Edice Lumeni

Edice Lumeni

Akce 2 lístky do SKY boxu na vybrané utkání HC ČSOB Pojišťovna Pardubice
3 990,0 Kč
Jak prokouknout druhé lidi

Jak prokouknout druhé lidi

Příručka bývalého agenta FBI
Joe Navarro
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450,0 Kč